• Belgian Red Ale hoppy extract recipe

    Recipe for Belgian Red Ale hopsA beer with a ruby color with an amiable and malty, fruity and body aftertaste and important alcohol content.Recipe:Mountmellik Cream Ale500 gr of spraymalt Medium300 gr of dark candied sugar500 gr Cassonade Blonde2 Yeast Belgian Ale M41 or WLP 545 yeast bags

  • Kombucha White Labs Recipe

    White Labs Kombucha RecipeYeast(s) Used: WLP600 Kombucha SCOBYRecipe Supplied by: White Labs' Kristan MartinezAbout this Recipe: Analytical lab technician Kristan Martinez began working with kombucha in early 2015. It was during this time that she began conducting trials on growing...

  • Recipe all grain e+g per Untraditional English Ipa

    An all grain recipe and e + g for an English Ipa with a good dose of English hops that mixes new generation hops with more traditional hops.A beer easy to drink herbaceous and citrus, slightly bitter in the finish.LITERS 234.3 kg Grain malt Pauls Maris Otter500 gr Malto Ireks Monaco150gr Grape malt...

  • Distill Whiskey with the Grainfather and the copper dome

    .The Grainfather is a great all grain brewing system designed to create craft beer which as become more and more popular. But as much as we love beer, who doesn't enjoy a seriously good whiskey made from malt? We are talking the real deal here, proper high quality whiskey from grain. So...

  • Beer recipe all grain e+g Ginger Rye Ale

    Recipe all grain and e + g for rye beer, spiced with ginger, a very citrus but at the same time very easy to drink beer.Ginger and rye are present but elegant and the bergamot and lemon clean the mouth in the finish.Liters 20OG: 1.054FG: 1.010IBU: 39ABV: 5.5%Grist of malts4.5 kg Malt Minch pale...