Pinta offers a grinding service for your malts , select the option according to your purchases, example: You have 1 of 25kg bag buy one time the voice GRINDING 25kg You have 3 bags of 1Kg buy 3 times the voice GRINDING 1kg You have 2 bags of 1Kg and 1 from 5kg buy 2 times GRIND 1kg and 1 time GRIND 5kg You have 4 kg bags and want macinarne only 2 buy 2 times GRINDING 1kg and write in order notes which are the malts you want to grind . Attention , we will ground only the numbers correctly selected .

Grinding 25kg

10,90 € Incl. Tax

Grinding 5kg

4,30 € Incl. Tax

Grinding 1kg

2,80 € Incl. Tax

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