Pinta offers its customers a wide range of capping machines for beer and wine. From simple capping a hammer that is used with a hammer, used with the caps in the crown to corker with 2 levers practical, convenient and portable. The classic capper to column provided with bushings for wine bottles with diameter 29 or beer bottles with diameter 26 or the capping rack up to the most professional capping machines on the market. All adjustable in height and for the closure of crown caps. Also you will find Pneumatic capping than the automatic ideal for the capping of crown corks or mushroom plugs to the automatic Pneumatics for by newly developed cork stoppers, solid, compact, simple to use, perfect for the capping of agglomerated cork stoppers and synthetic corks, crown caps and pressure caps made of plastic or other materials. A large variety of capping machines for the different needs of homebrewers, to ensure maximum quality and comfort.