Hops has the important role of giving the bitter taste, aroma as well, in brewing. Moreover, thanks to its antibacterial properties contributes to the maintenance of beer, helps to coagulate the proteins in suspension (makes it more clear), aids in head retention. Below I will present in various formats: cones, pellets and hop oil from businesses in the world market the most sought after in the industry. Over 90 hop varieties from around the world from the most common to the most difficult to find.

Hop cones MAGNUM - 100 gr. CROP 2020
Not available

3,50 € Incl. Tax

Hop BRAMLING X - Pellet 1 Kg. CROP 2021
Not available

26,00 € Incl. Tax

Hop PILGRIM - Pellet 100 gr. CROP 2021
Not available

4,00 € Incl. Tax

Hop PILGRIM - Pellet 250 gr. CROP 2019
Not available

8,40 € Incl. Tax

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