Pinta offers a wide range of glasses for beer. The beer is fun, culture and diversity. A single drop of beer tells a story to the world. As any beer also each glass has its story to tell why each beer corresponds to the glass that best binds to its history. Whether created in a tumbler or design is modeled as an innovative glass for craft beers every beer glass will highlight the distinctiveness of each style of beer. They are designed to meet the practical needs of catering professionals and to emphasize the multi-sensory experience of the consumer. The type Teku was born in 2006 and designed as an elegant and universal cup that identifies the craft beer and in particular its content. Glass from the thin edge for gourmet and craft beers that conquers all, the sommelier to beer enthusiasts. Its shape has the upper chimney to concentrate the aromas of the beer, the stem and the cup are optimally balanced. Teku is the first cup designed for the beer tasting with fine details, such as its exceptional transparency, brand embossed on the plate and the stem ironed. The glass Nonic is a glass created with the technique Superstrong ie the glass is tempered heating it at very high temperatures until it is brought to a rapid cooling; the principle of this technique improves the strength of the glass by increasing the durability of the glass created. Suitable for ales especially bitter and stout. Even the beer glass Conil is created with the Superstrong technique and is suitable for serving classic American hoppy beers. The template L├╝ttich is a beer glass baloon, low, suitable for full-bodied and aromatic beers like the typical Belgian style beers or strong character. High quality crystalline glass that meet the needs of beer enthusiasts. The Koelsh is a model that can be used in many styles of beer in particular with the German beers. For lovers of Weissbier or Weizen beers we offer the glass Tanheim from its sleek top feature and narrow. Willi Becher is a glass from the elegant shape suitable for beers of each style. The beer glass Craft Master One is produced with a modern design, its curvy shape with an elegant curve designed to help the serving, its versatility makes it suitable for many styles of beer.

Glass Mini Teku 3.0 33 cl - pack 6pz
Not available

15,90 € Incl. Tax

Glass Nonic 28 cl - pack 6pz
Not available

6,10 € Incl. Tax

Luttich 37.5cl - pack 6pz

12,40 € Incl. Tax

Glass Craft Master 47,3 cl - pack 6pz
Not available

9,90 € Incl. Tax

Craft Master glass 0.195 l pack 6pcs
Not available

8,90 € Incl. Tax

Conil 47 cl beer glass - pack of 12 pcs
Not available

15,50 € Incl. Tax

BAMBERG 41 cl conf 6 pz

13,30 € Incl. Tax

BAMBERG 61cl conf 6pz.
Not available

13,90 € Incl. Tax

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