Additional fermenters

In this section you will find additional fermenters for beer in PET for food from 30lt and 60lt used for fermentation and racking. Replacement cover already drilled. We also have fermenters in barrel high density HDPE for food use, the screw cap and airtight cover with gasket, bubbler, tap and adhesive thermometer of various sizes and capacities without a graduated scale. In addition we propose Carboy heavy PET (from 11,4lt and 22,7lt) a cap designed to bubbler (included) or blow-off. It also lets you transfer the wort with less risk of oxidation.

16 lt. Plastic Fermenter

16,00 € Incl. Tax

Fermentatore a Botticella 30 lt. RTG
Not available

22,90 € Incl. Tax

Fermenter barrel 60 lt. RTG

48,00 € Incl. Tax

CARBOY 11.4 lt

32,90 € Incl. Tax

CARBOY 22.7 lt
Not available

34,90 € Incl. Tax

Offer Increases Production

instead of 66,00 €

49,90 € Incl. Tax

Bung for Carboy
Not available

5,20 € Incl. Tax

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