Mangrove Jack’s is a fair few steps above your average home brew kit. As a small company of brewers, they know how important it is that what you create is top quality, fresh and full of flavour. That’s why their beer kits use some of Europe’s finest brewers’ extracts, specially selected to match each beer style. Each kit also comes with its own specifically selected yeast strain to give you the desired aromas for your chosen beer. Their extracts are free from caramel and added malt colourings, leaving you with pure malt flavours with no additives or preservatives. They cold fill Their extracts into a pouch, instead of a can, to retain all the delicate flavours and aromas which are lost using traditional canning processes. Each pouch has two compartments: one in which we find the malt and the other in which we find the specific yeast. Mangrove Jack's creates the Brewery box in which fits all the ingredients, from the malt extract to the hops, packaged in a protective atmosphere to ensure the aromatic properties and optimal performance. Mangrove Jack's found right at all, in fact produces the malt Gluten Free subjected to enzymatic hydrolysis to reduce the gluten content of less than 20 mg / kg (0.002%).

Mangrove Jack's NZ Pale Ale

24,90 € Incl. Tax

Mangrove Jack's Gluten Free Pale Ale
Not available

26,50 € Incl. Tax

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