A wide range of classic or Plato beer densimeters, Alcoholometers and topimeters. The hydrometer is a necessary tool for measuring the density of the wort before bottling beer. From simple hydrometer to beer with case to the large hydrometer with or without thermometer 0°-40°. In addition to the hydrometers you will also find must saccharimeter which measure the percentage of sugar in weight (kg of sugar contained in 100 kg of must) as a function of density, very useful in the wine to determine the richness of sugars of the grapes and their degree of ripeness. In more we propose alcoholmeters not suitable for measurement in beer but measure the alcohol content in brandies and distillates with a scale from 0° to 100°.

Hydrometer with thermometer
Not available

21,50 € Incl. Tax

Density meter for large beer

14,00 € Incl. Tax


8,60 € Incl. Tax

Professional Alcoholometer
Not available

89,00 € Incl. Tax

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