The temperature control during fermentation is one of the most significant factors for the taste of our beers, but too often gets overlooked. The fermentation temperature stabilization system (FTSS) results from the application of the science of thermodynamics with what we have learned from our experience in the craft beer industry. The system is elegant and well designed, but remains faithful to the heart and soul dell'homebrewer. The FTSS uses a digital temperature controller precision in combination with the 'immersion of a chiller 304 stainless steel. The digital controller monitors constantly the temperature of your beer and activate the circulation pump to keep the temperature of fermentation to your pre-set point. You can proceed to the low fermentation or winterization quickly and convenient if you provide cold water for the process.

Propylene Glycol l. 2

19,90 € Incl. Tax

Propylene Glycol l. 10

98,00 € Incl. Tax

FTSs | Jacketed Unitank Chilling Only
Not available

259,00 € Incl. Tax

Pinta Chiller Professional 400

1.350,00 € Incl. Tax

FTSs MTSs Control Box Ss Brewtech
Not available

44,90 € Incl. Tax

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