Siphon Beer

Bottling. Bottles siphon in resistant glass to comprehensive of ceramic cap, with practical glass handle. Suitable for those who want to bottle their beer in bottles with capacity superior to classical of 0.5 liters. Our siphon have a capacity of 2 liter as Alt Berlin, Eternal, Nomberg Alt, Alt BÖHMEN, Maurer except Party Siphon holding up to 5 liters. of beer with metal handle. In addition to these siphon it can be adapted perfectly to the Spillatore pump Siphon to have a fantastic tapping your beer straight from the bottle EXCEPT the ETERNAL and MAURER bottles of the smaller mouth than classical siphons. Pint also provides a thermal bottle "Beer Growler" stainless steel of high quality with a double wall to maintain the temperature of always fresh beer, equipped with mechanical cap with silicone seal.

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