Malt extract powder are used for the replacement or in addition to sugar. Pinta offers the powdered extracts of the best companies operating in the market as Muntons and GranMalt. Spraymalt is one of the dry Muntons malt extract and is in packs of 500g. to be used in partial or total replacement of sugar, to improve any type of beer: making the more full-bodied beer with a dense and persistent foam, the choice of type should be based on the EBC color of your preparation kit. Brewmalt is a very fermentable extract of malted barley used in place of sugar in the malts and prepared to activate the secondary fermentation in the bottle, it is recommended for all types of beer. It is indicated to produce beer with extracts or the E+G method but can also be used as a substitute for malt grains (1 kg. of dry extract corresponds to about 1.6 kg. of maltin grains). GranMalt is an innovative malt extract produced from barley malt of the best German quality through a granulation and encapsulation process. The grains obtained maintain for long the organoleptic properties of the malt and are extremely soluble. Also you will find mixtures of sugar and malt powder already weighed in packages of 1kg. that you can use for the preparation of your beer as the Grand Ehnancer, Belgian Hoppy GranEnhancer and Beerkit Enhancer Muntons.

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