The shrinkables capsules are produced in PVC. Their adaptability makes them ideal for many types of bottles, such as wine, liqueur, brandy, beer, oil and vinegar. They give the bottle and its contents unique aesthetic and easily recognizable. Listed on our website in different colors like black, gold, yellow, cream, blue, red and white. In the market you can find different sizes, Pinta on his site offers the 31x55 good size for beer bottles with diameter 26 and 33x55 excellent size for wine bottles with a diameter of 29.To be used to best advise you to provide a capsuler for the heating of the capsule and the next good result. The Capsuler are of special tools for the heating of the thermo-capsules to make it fit to the cap and the neck of the bottle, practical and quick to use. Pinta offers three different types of Capsuler: capsuler horizontal stainless that is adjustable for all types of bottles and allows easy application with only a gesture by sliding the bottle on the slide of the capseler; Vertical capsuler, which quickly heats the capsules due to its internal electric coil ensuring a snug fit and the third is the capsuler vertical phon thermoventilated by coil and insulating handle, quickly warms the capsules guarantees a perfect fit without risk of burns.

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