Over 90 varieties of hops from around the world. The hop varieties are distinguished from each other to give different flavors to beer, from the grassy flavor of Saaz, citrus and resin of American hops such as Cascade and Simcoe, to the intense flavors of New Zealanders and Australians hops like the Galaxy and the Nelson Sauvin. The hops pellets are cylinders of hops ground and pressed through a mold without addition of any other substance in fact may happen to find dust in addition to the cylinders. Like all hops should be filtered at the end of the boiling or should be used with a lot of cotton filter for easy removal from the must. Hops submitted in this format has a higher yield than the hop flower. You will find hops from around the world from the most common to the most difficult to find. Below you will find a wide selection of hop pellets in packages of 250 gr. *** THE PERCENTAGE OF ALPHA AND BETA ACIDS CAN VARY BETWEEN DIFFERENT LOTS AND MAY VARY FROM VALUE INDICATED

Hop PILGRIM - Pellet 250 gr. CROP 2019
Not available

8,40 € Incl. Tax

Hop SLADEK - Pellet 250 gr  CROP 2019
Not available

9,90 € Incl. Tax

Hop SYBILLA - Pellet 250 gr. CROP 2019
Not available

8,50 € Incl. Tax

Hop PACIFICA - Pellet 250 gr CROP 2019
Not available

13,00 € Incl. Tax

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