Lallemand Brewing has been involved in the research and manufacturing of dry brewing yeast since the early 1990s. Our yeast drying technology has been developed and improved over the years through extensive research towards understanding the impact of the desiccation process on yeast quality and performance. Lallemand Brewing yeast strains are grown and dried under specific conditions according to the physiology of each strain to achieve the highest standards within the industry. The Lallemand Brewing R&D team focuses on production and performance improvement and works closely with many reknown breweries, universities and institutions. Dry yeast is packaged in 500g or 11g sachets and must be stored dry, below 10˚C (50˚F). If kept sealed and stored under appropriate conditions, dry yeast can be used up to the expiration date mentioned on the package. Once a pack is open it is recommended to use the yeast as quickly as possible.

Isy Enhance 1 kg

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