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Dry yeast for CS31 beer Belgian Ale Yeast 500 gr


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The CS 31 high fermentation dry yeast created specifically for the preparation of Belgian style beers.

It presents a strong attenuation and a great tolerance to alcohol so much that it can manage alcoholic grades even around 14 ABV, such as Tripel and Quadrupel.

the fermentation time for high-grade beers can be extended.

A temperature range of 22 to 28 is recommended for a more expressive taste.

The profile is elegantly fruity and goes well with Belgian Ale and abbey beers.

Fermentation: High

Temperature range: 15-25

Fermentation speed: Fast

Alcohol tolerance: 14%

Similar yeasts: M41 - Abbeye Lallemand - Be134

Flacculation: Medium

Styles: Belgian ale - Tripel - Quadrupel - Dubbel - Abbey beer