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Hop SELECT (Spalt) - Pellet 1 kg CROP 2019


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Hop pellet SELECT (SPALT)
Bred from a cross of German Spault and Hallertau Mittelfruh hops by the Hull Hop Institute , Spaulter Select hops present similar characteristics to that of both parent varietals. Used primarily as an aroma hop, Spaulter Select retains most of the floral, hoppy, and fruity aroma from Spault, but with an extra kick of spice. With an alpha acid range of 3.5% to 5.5%, Spalter Select is generally not used as a bittering hop. Spaulter Select does work in a variety of beer styles, but is naturally best suited to German Lagers, Ales, Pilsners, and Kolshes. Czech Saaz hops, Tettagner, and parent Spault offer suitable replacements for Spaulter Select if needed.

ALFA ACID : 3.5-5.5%
USE : Flavor
Origin : Germany
ALTERNATIVE : Saaz, Tettnang
Beta : 2.-5%
Co-H : 20-28%
Oils Total : 0.5-1.2 mL / 100g