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HOP ADMIRAL - Pellet 250 gr. CROP 2021


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Hop pellet ADMIRAL
This bitter British hop was bred from the combination of Northdown and Challenger hops, and commercially released in 1998. With an intense flavor and citrusy, orange nose, Admiral hops provide the perfect bittering agent in all types of India Pale Ales, Pale Ales, and Bitters. A high alpha acid composition of about 13% to 16.2% makes this easily harvested hop useful and readily available. Admiral hops compliment Target hops and are sometimes used in their place for a slightly less intense bitterness. The low oil composition of myrcene and caryophyllene lend a touch of woody, herbal character to this hop, making a bold combination with the apparent citrus scent.

ALFA ACID: 13-16,2%
USE: Amaro
ALTERNATIVE: Target, Pilgrim, Magnum
Beta: 4-6%
Co-H: 37-45%
Total Oil: 1-1.7 mL/100g