Code: IDRO40

Idropressa (Torchio) 40lt.


625,00 € Incl. Tax

Press suitable for processing grapes, apples and fruit, to obtain juices, cider or more easily and quickly.

Without physical effort and without electricity, the operation is simple and takes advantage of the water pressure, which is introduced inside a natural rubber membrane that swells and squeezes the fruit, in the case of previously chopped apples, against the parts of the cage evenly extracting a fresh and delicious juice rich in natural flavors.

The cage is made of stainless steel like all the internal parts of the machine, while the lid and base are made of sturdy and resistant aluminum like all the components of the press. The pressure unit is protected by a safety valve set at 3 bar.

- Cage capacity: 40 lt.

- Min / max temp .: -10 / + 50 ° C

- External diameter of the cage: 35 cm

- Cage Height: 47.5 cm

- Weight: 26 kg

- Press. max. (bar): 3.0