A wide range of malt for Pauls Malt beer exclusively for the Italian market. Pauls Malt is one of the oldest English malteries and very famous for the quality of its Pale Maris Otter. It offers a wide range of premium malts to craft breweries and now also available in homebrewer packs. The malts are based on tradition and benefit from know-how deeply rooted in history. The experience of Pauls Malt associated with the most up-to-date equipment and processes allows us to supply local breweries and some of the most famous British and American breweries for over 150 years.

Grinding 25kg

10,90 € Incl. Tax

Grinding 5kg

4,30 € Incl. Tax

Grinding 1kg

2,80 € Incl. Tax

Grain malt Pauls Black English 5 kg.
Not available

34,90 € Incl. Tax

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