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Hop SLADEK - Pellet 1 kg CROP 2018


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Hop pellet SLADEK
Appropriately derived from the Czech word meaning “beer brewer” Sladek hops come from a parentage of Northern Brewer and Saaz. Typically used for the lush earthy, spicy, and citrus bouquet they add to a brew, Sladek hops have a distinctive Czech style that works well in everything from Belgian Ales to Lagers. Sladek hops have an alpha acid range of 5% to 9%, and can offer a balanced bittering quality that completes this hop’s well-rounded character. Other regional varietals like Czech Saaz can substitute for Sladek.

USE: Flavor
Origin: Czech Republic
Beta : 4-7%
Co-humulone : 23-30%
Total Oils : 1.0-2.0 mL / 100g