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Hop PILGRIM - Pellet 1 Kg. CROP 2018


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Hop pellet PILGRIM
Bred from the same lineage as First Gold and Herald, this non-dwarf hop varietal was also released by the Wye Hop Research Institute in 2000. Offering fantastic bittering and aromatic characteristics, this dual purpose hop is clearly one of the most versatile out there. With an alpha acid content of 9% to 13%, Pilgrim provides an excellent base for Bitters and Pale Ales. An aroma of spice, cedar and honey compliments darker beer styles like Porters and Brown Ales. If in need of a substitute, try brewing with Pioneer or Target hops.

ALFA ACID: 9-13%
USE: Bitter & Aroma
Origin: UK
ALTERNATIVE: Pioneer, Target
Beta: 4.2-5.2%
Co-H: 36-39%
Total Oils: 1.8-1.8 mL / 100g