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Hop BRAMLING X - Pellet 1 Kg. CROP 2018


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Hop pellet BRAMLING X
The British Bramling Cross hop is the product of a 1927 cross between traditional Bramling of a Golding variety and wild Canadian hops. What you get is an intensely fruity hop full of character that provides dual uses in brewing just about any style of beer. A rich aroma of blackberry, currant, and plum makes the Bramling Cross hop a perfect ingredient in traditional cask conditioned brews, but don’t discount the unique flavor it brings to everything from Golden Ales to IPAs and even Stouts. With an alpha acid range of about 5% to 8%, this hop provides just the right balance of bitterness. Other hops from the Golding family like Whitbread Golding and East Kent Golding do offer some similar characteristics, and can be used in place of Bramling Cross in a pinch.

USE: Flavor
Origin: UK
ALTERNATIVE: WGV, East Kent Golding
Beta : 2.3-3.2%
Co-H: 33-35%
Oils Total : 0.7-1.2 mL / 100g