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Hop SYBILLA - Pellet 1 Kg. CROP 2018


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Hop pellet SYBILLA
Sybilla hops are a Polish varietal bred from a cross between a Lublin mother and wild Yugoslovian hop, released in 1996. This versatile dual purpose hop provides both a pleasant aroma and bittering characteristic to your favorite brew recipe. The alpha acids range from about 6% to 8%, and provide a smooth bitterness that works perfectly in Pale Ales, Barley Wine, and Stouts. You can expect a fairly traditional European aroma of earthiness, spice, and hops that also works well when dry-hopped. Several options provide a suitable replacement for Sybilla hops, including parent Lublin, Northern Brewer and Perle.

USE: Bitter & Flavor
Origin: Poland
ALTERNATIVE: Northern Brewer, Pearls
Beta : 4-7%
Co-humulone : 26-31%
Total Oils : 1.5-2.2 mL / 100g