Liquid yeast Omega Yeast Lab. Omega Yeast Lab is a leading American liquor production company and offers numerous strains selected to many breweries and stores around the world. At Omega Yeast, our propagation process is designed to produce metabolically strong yeast that result in healthy fermentation. As a result of genetic differences, we have observed strain to strain variation in cell counts under identical growth conditions. Through our proprietary process, we generate the optimal number of yeast cells, which varies from strain from strain, to yield the best and most consistent performance for each. For most of the strains in our collection, our home brew pitches contain at least 150 billion viable yeast cells at packaging. In some instances, certain strains may contain up to 500 billion cells per pack while, in some instances, other strains may contain slightly less than 150 billion cells per pack. Most importantly, all packs contain the optimal number of viable yeast cells to ferment 23 liters of wort up to 1.060 OG at the time of packaging. The orders containing the yeast are shipped on arrival of the order to indicate in the order notes if you prefer to be shipped the following week to avoid leaving them in the courier depot on the weekend. For the hottest times we recommend the chilled box. WARNING: the yeast must be refrigerated before use. Remove the product from the refrigerator three hours before use allowing to arrive at ambient temperature to avoid thermal shock when it will be used. Before opening the packaging it is good to clean the package and disinfect scissors or any other object that is used for the opening. Once the liquid yeast opened pour the contents directly into the fermenter, do not require activation and the starter is optional, except in special cases as initial densities of 1060.

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