Pro Sspunding Valve


329,00 € Incl. Tax

Pro Sspunding Valve

The scaled version includes an etched sleeve with a scale between 0-2.2 BAR, along with a pressure calibrated spring.  This version is perfect for a brewery that wants to be able to dial in pressures on the fly without having to match the release pressure using a gauge. The scaled version also features a pressure release knob to quickly and easily verify or equalize tank pressure. 

The polycarbonate cup is designed to hold sanitizer so that the tank remains 100% sanitary throughout the course of the fermentation process. 

Lastly, a final note on safety, always leave the fixed-pressure PRV included with the Unitank in place, never exceed the maximum rated working pressure of the vessel at any time during operation.

All 304 Stainless Construction

Only for use with pressure rated vessels

1.5" TC interface

Removable sanitizer cup

Easy disassembly for cleaning