The Chronical Fermenter of Ss are a range of conical fermenters in high quality AISI 304 stainless steel, designed to meet the needs of brewers more demanding. The Chronical fermenters are equipped with side handles for easy transport, a marked scale inside (unpainted) which facilitates the measurements. The basic version includes finishes and high quality valves (ball valves and tri-clamp fittings), cover with a hole with food-grade silicon seal, suction regulator for the transfer (rotable rackinf arm) integrated in the ball valve, food TIG welding , cockpit probe seamless connected to an external thermometer (not included). It 'also be pressurized for racking in kegs. The version Brewmaster includes the features listed above a number of outstanding options including: a cooling coil mounted inside the unit, a neoprene insulating collar, LCD thermometer to be connected to a cockpit probe the temperature control, throttle valves, door on the top of the 3 "diameter lid in order to make the additions of dry-hopping during fermentation, tasting and sampling valve. These are the top fermenter in homebrewing scene and small microbreweries.