The Ss BREWTECH BREW BUCKET is a beer fermenter for high-grade AISI 304 stainless steel. Stylish and practical is designed for the most demanding homebrewers. Thanks to the conical bottom, the funds they settle in a small space, with the effect of reducing to a minimum the surface of the wort which remains in contact with the sediment during fermentation, minimizing the effect of undesirable flavors in your beer. The conical design is unique, the Brew Bucket are stackable both during the fermentation of storage, the comfortable handles allow you to move easily. A practice marked graduated scale inside facilitates measurements. The series BREWMASTER included without the use of weldings, in a cockpit probe connected to the external digital display for the temperature control.

FTSs | 3.5 gal Brew Bucket Mini
Not available

219,00 € Incl. Tax

Ss Brew Bucket MINI 13,25 lt

138,00 € Incl. Tax

Ss Brewtech Standard Brew Bucket 26lt
Not available

instead of 199,00 €

179,00 € Incl. Tax

Ss Brewtech Brewmaster Bucket 7 Gal. (26 lt)
Not available

instead of 229,00 €

189,00 € Incl. Tax

Ss Brewtech Brewmaster Bucket 14 Gal. (54 lt)

instead of 329,00 €

289,00 € Incl. Tax

Offer Pack Brew Bucket BME 7 Gal + Fts Temperature control Ss
Not available

instead of 478,00 €

409,00 € Incl. Tax

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