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O.R.A American Oaked Rum Ale


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This fantastic Beer kit contains 3.6 kg of malt and includes all the ingredients for a quality beer with a unique taste. Including sugar for fermentation and for priming

The beers aged in barrels have become increasingly popular in the world of craft beer and the beer lovers around the world.
The big difference of this aging technique is the use of barrels used by other drinks to add character to a different type of beer, sherry, bourbon, scotch, rum, wine.
We have fused together the character of a strong American ale, with the flavor of the heavily toasted oak barrels and Rum, to create a triumphant aromatic beer and complex that fans love for the myriad of flavors and aromas overlaid.
On the palate this beer has a complex range of flavors, good malty flavor, has a strong character and vanilla oak and a subtle sweet rum character that combines beer and puts it all together, delicious.

This kit contains:
3.6 kg of hopped malt
sugar for fermentation
sugar for priming
Oak chips American (oak chips)
Specific yeast Top Ale Ferm
Final density

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